Bringing business and community to the same table!

We are happy to introduce our Sponsorship Program tailored for local businesses eager to solidify their presence in the community and stay connected with their clientele through our distinguished Restaurant Elite Program. This initiative is crafted to empower premier, locally-owned dining establishments to boost their takeout and delivery services by featuring their custom-designed takeout menus in our specialized entertainment booklets. These booklets are then included with every order, ensuring direct engagement with customers.

Our tailored booklets are designed to bridge your business with both household and corporatesectors in your vicinity, finding a permanent spot in homes, vehicles, and company break rooms.They are a pivotal tool for influencing mealtime choices, aligning perfectly with the modern lifestyle where meals often coincide with significant discussions and decision-making by families, business proprietors, and corporate executives. By placing your advertisement in our booklets, you're not just reaching potential customers, but becoming a part of their everyday conversations and decisions around meals.